LED Display Wall System

Our LED Display Wall solution employs a groundbreaking LED display technology to deliver ultra-high definition images for immersive experience. Beyond its remarkable color presentation, our solution is also energy-efficient, environmentally sustainable and long-lasting. We are able to integrate tech formats like AR, VR, MR, XR, VP and Naked-eye 3D to create hyper-realistic and seamless virtual environments for diverse range of applications, including educational, commercial and retail settings.

LED Wall Solution

We have extensive experiences in:

Indoor / Outdoor LED

Curved LED

Transparent LED

Ultra-fine LED Wall

Movable LED Wall

Bespoke LED Wall

Take a look at our recent projects: LED Wall Portfolio

Our Turnkey Project

Together with BAP, we take charge of the entire project from design of LED display wall and its structure with RSE, cladding and electrical work, site management, assembly & installation, system integration, testing & commissioning to final user acceptance, as well as user training and system maintenance. We involve related parties in the decision-making process at all times and adapt our solutions to your needs. We are in charge of all the tasks that guarantee the success of your project.