Consultation & Design

Our team of system consultant has in depth knowledge of system design and works closely with clients to fully understand the unique business requirements of each organization.

Site Survey & Needs Analysis

Site survey and needs analysis are conducted and begin with discussion of required functionality and objectives. Every possible equipment option will be considered, such as displays, control system and auxiliary device….

Our experience consultant will provide guidance on how to achieve a favourable environment with proper lighting and audio levels.

Design Proposal Creation

Detail proposal is created by evaluating client needs and specific requirements, and then identify solutions that work within designated budget. Equipment location plan will be developed. The proposal will be fine-tuned until the solution is perfectly aligned to client’s needs.

Project Management

It is the key to successful implementation with an experienced project team to coordinate all aspects of the project with end users, architects, main contractors, electrical contractors, consultants, quantity surveyors and interior designers, as well as:

● Attend site meeting

● Coordinate with all related parties

● Handle ordering and delivery arrangement

● Production of CAD drawings

● Formulate work plan

● Rack fabrication

● Work and quality control

● Technical troubleshooting

● Project handover


With long term strategic relationships with leading manufacturers and distributors in the industry, BAP is able to provide what you need on timely basis, including accessories and spares.

Installation & Rack Fabrication

BAP will assemble equipment rack in our facility before installation. Our fabrication crew will build the racks, wire the equipment, load all the components and test the system once it’s built to ensure quality control over engineering and complete system functionality.

BAP field technical team will then carry out integration work to make sure every component and signal flow operate perfectly as designed.

Testing & Commissioning

BAP certified technical team will test and debug the system, check cabling and signal flows, calibrate audio and video performances to optimal level.

Technical Support

BAP always commits to provide our customers with the best technical support. We are always here to provide information to your inquiries on a timely basis, and also very please to provide on-site support service upon request.

Please call our service coordinator to make service arrangement via:

Hotline: (852) 3188 4046

Fax: (852) 2571 0289

Email: [email protected]

Office Hour:

Monday – Friday: 9:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 1:00pm


We supply qualified staff to handle your organizational needs so you can dedicate your resources and valuable personnel to core business activity. Our staffing solutions are available for one-time, short term and long term commitments.

System Training

Training empowers users with the knowledge they need to use the newly installed system to its maximum potential. It is not just the users who will benefit, effective training has the power to enhance the organization to grow and develop.

Call BAP to discuss your training needs and let us design a programme that best suit for you.

Maintenance Service

BAP can tailor make a maintenance service plan to you depending on the complexity of the system and the frequency and criticality of use. Our service plan varies depends on:

● Response time of service call

● Response time of on-site labour

● Number of preventive maintenance inspection

● Number of training

● Number of re-programming

● Telephone support

● 24/7 technical support

● Repair & replacement

● Management of manufacturer’s warranty

● Firmware updates on equipment

● Reserved spare parts

System Programming

Control system is indispensable component of integrated system that connects every functional device and provides easy to use interface for users.

BAP professional programmer develops user friendly interface for control system based on client’s unique needs and specifications.