Project - SAVVY | Harbour City’s Prince Hotel | Tsim Sha Tsui

SAVVY occupies more than 8,000 square feet across one level, a new concept of blended spaces to offer three zones including a trendy bar, a classy modern lounge, and a stylish urban restaurant - incorporating local and international cuisines.  To elevate the atmosphere of bars and restaurants, SAVVY raised the application of screen technology.  An eye-catching signage display at the entrance carries a fabulous first impression.  A bright and stunning bar lighting with a large format videowall panel behind enhances the dining experience and is visually impressive for customers.

SAVVY deploys table mapping feature in the private dining room, which is especially considered for gourmet and luxury fine dining.  Table mapping is a visual art that displays 3D images on motionless surfaces.  The story of the dishes is presented through a 3D video mapping projection.  A dinner with table mapping discovers immersive experiences with the five senses.  Except for the sensory table, there are other projection screens in the dining area.  It generates a colorful and appealing environment.

The entirety of the SAVVY is using audiovisual control system.  Audio and video sources of various spaces can be selected using wireless tablet which make control at a fingertip anywhere.  It was distinctively designed to suit every ambiance in the feature restaurant.

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