Unauthorized Email Account Login

Please be informed that one of our corporate email accounts ([email protected]) was stolen from 19 November 2022 at 8:32am and sent out blackmail requests. The email falsely claimed that it was issued by BAP Technology Consultants Limited. Any suspicious email shall be not opened for security purpose. We have reported the case to the Hong Kong Police.

For any queries relating to this matter, you could contact us [email protected] or report directly to the Hong Kong Police Force

本公司郵箱[email protected]在2022年11月19日早上8時32分被盜用,並發出僞冒電郵要求款項。此等偽冒電郵與殷富科技顧問有限公司並無關係,敬請閣下多加留意。如收到可疑電郵,應提高警覺,不要開啓。

由於事態嚴重,我們已經就有關事件向警方報案。如有任何懷疑,可向本公司查詢 [email protected] 或直接向香港警務處報案中心聯絡