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Audiovisual System Enhancement to Facilitate Modern Meeting Environment

A new audiovisual system has been installed in the Conference Room B4-GF-02B for Graduate School. The AV infrastructure is designed and developed for the purpose of effective meeting. It supports remote user to interact, share and collaborate with each other. The system design is sustainable to further AV development in the near future.

The need to collaborate, to work together interactively, to create new ideas and breakthroughs is an inevitable trend in campus AV design. Audiovisual system needs to be enhanced to offer flexible videoconferencing solution which allows communication with remote locations while displaying and sharing a variety of materials to support discussion process.

The settings of the three new cameras allow the whole space to be seen and able to zoom to a specific seat without visual obstruction by speaker. The microphone system composes of wireless microphone, conference table microphone and gooseneck microphone. These microphones support clear speech pick up within the entire meeting room from lectern, meeting table and seating area at the back. Sound reinforcement is well configured to eliminate feedback with these different mixes of microphones while provide consistent sound level to the meeting room. The new installation enables the microphones and cameras to interface with the Zoom application that bridges the near and far ends. The application can run on the dedicated computer or a laptop that is brought in to the room.

User wellness is another key factor in this project. The new lectern is motorized height adjustable to allow for an appropriate level of change between sitting and standing as well as for wide range of people with different heights. The lectern is contemporary and slim with spacious worktop and equipped with enclosure for IT/AV devices. The height adjustment is integrated to the touchpanel system so the lectern could be easily positioned to preset heights with a touch of button.

The signal matrix from different input sources to different outputs is managed by the system, all switching and intermediate steps are hidden to users. The users only need to interact with the touchscreen to select the source and display devices, volume level and comfortable lectern height. Setting up a meeting becomes more efficient and simpler than ever.

The meeting room has the ideal environment for presentation, communication and collaboration for wide range of user because of the facility remodel and integration of new cameras, microphones, sound system, signal processors, motorized height adjustable lectern and touchpanel control. User experience is enhanced with improved capabilities by the latest AV technologies. This new meeting room solution is flexible enough to work in classrooms, lecture theatres, seminar rooms and collaboration spaces.

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