Extron - Leverage the Power of SMP Recorders with Panopto Capture & Management Tools

Extron has announced the availability of enhanced features to seamlessly connect Extron SMP 300 Series Streaming Media Recorder to Panopto enterprise video management systems.  The LinkLicense for Enhanced Panopto Features enables users to live stream to Panopto and fully manage SMP recording schedules for lectures and presentations with the Panopto video platform.  Users will enjoy a unified and integrated experience with automated publishing workflows that ensure each recording is delivered to the intended media folder for viewing.

Key Features

  • Record automatically based on Panopto calendar data
  • Save time with automated metadata delivery to Panopto
  • Create enhanced video capture and publishing workflows
  • Live stream media to Panopto

For more information, please contact us at (852) 25718289 or [email protected]